Are you fed up of lumps and clumps and having to re-apply mascara over and over? 

There are so many variations of mascara to choose yet nothing changes how it is applied and trying to correct even minor smears and smudges is a real hassle and a waste of precious time. 

So, why not eliminate this dependency and try semi-permanent eyelash extensions?
Semi-permanent eyelash extensions make your eyes "pop" effortlessly without looking false and obvious - The best thing is that you will have no more need to use mascara or lash curlers which can damage your natural lashes.
Eyelash extensions are safe, light and look natural so they are ideal for a wedding, special occasion, holiday or for every day. 

You can swim and exercise as normal as they are water resistant and you can expect extensions to last for 4-6 weeks, with regular aftercare. 

Temporary, Flare or Cluster lashes

If you do not have time for application of semi-permanent lashes, then temporary lashes are a great alternative. Applied in less than 30 minutes, these are a cluster of lashes (4-6) bonded at one end and applied with a temporary glue to the base of the lash line creating instant thicker, longer, glamorous lashes. 

Temporary lashes look great if applied conservatively, especially at the eye corners giving a wide"cat-eye" look. If too many are applied it looks unnatural and can be too heavy on the eyelids and make further make-up application and removal difficult. Long term mis-treatment of lashes can also damage natural lash growth. 

Flare/cluster lashes are ideal for a last minute event and can last for 7-10 days. 


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