Semi-Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions
- The Process -
In a consultation we will discuss what look you want to achieve -natural-looking, thicker, longer, glamorous, corner flicks? - whatever you desire!
Applying a semi-permanent individual eyelash
Applying semi-permanent individual
eyelash extensions involves carefully separating natural lashes (specifically healthy “young” lashes) with a fine pointed tweezer to reveal a single healthy eyelash. The eyelash extension is then dipped into a non-toxic medical grade bonding glue (black or clear) and attached to your own, shortest, natural eyelash.
The process is repeated until all eyelashes are covered. It is painless and safe as the glue does not touch your skin and is applied directly onto the base of your natural lashes. Your eyes are closed throughout and the surrounding eye area is well protected so eliminating any potential eye or skin irritation.
A patch test is done prior to treatment to determine any allergic response to the glue (a small pin-sized dot on the inner wrist). Any reactions are normally seen within 24 hours so you may wish to have this done before your appointment. 
Be prepared to relax as application of a full set of lashes (roughly 35-100 lashes per eye depending on the look you desire and your natural lashes) requires attention to detail. A small white pad is placed under each eye, over your lower lashes, to protect and keep them out of the way so they don't get stuck to the upper lashes - your eyes will be closed throughout the procedure.  
    Lashes before treatment 
Natural lashes-before application
 I use single-strand synthetic black silk or mink lashes however coloured lashes are available on request. They are very light, springy, flexible, thicker at the base and taper to a fine point just as your natural lashes do.
                                                                       Lashes after treatment-full set
Full set of semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions

There are different lengths, shapes and widths of lash available and the quantity used depends on the condition and amount of your own lashes and the look you wish to achieve.
A full set of semi-permanent lashes should last between 4-6 weeks where after 2-3 weeks in-fills (touch-ups) are recommended (and essential to maintain the full look).
Infills keep your lashes looking fresh and take less time than the initial application (approx 45 minutes) depending on how many have fallen out - You only need fill in the spaces where lashes have fallen out - it is not necessary to get a new set every time. 
When fresh treatments are done a special professional lash remover is used which safely and correctly removes lashes with ease and does not damage your natural lashes.
In general, many factors will affect the life of your lash extensions and this varies for each person - Your natural lash cycle (4-6 weeks), lifestyle and aftercare will affect how long your lashes last.
Aftercare instructions will be given after your treatment to help you maintain your beautiful new look but is simple! - Avoid oils and oily eye make-up remover as they will weaken the adhesive bond of the extension. Rubbing, scratching and pulling will spoil the effect and shorten the life of your extensions and although you can swim, exercise, sauna and steam after 48 hours it is important to note that exposure to humidity and moisture will affect the life of eyelash extensions.
So....Are you ready for a dazzling new look?