Full set:  £85+
Allow 1.5-2.5hrs
The amount of lashes applied depends on your natural
lash quality, thickness & desired style 
(normally 55-60 lashes added per eye minimum)
Infills (top-ups):  £55
Allow 45mins-1hr
Includes tidy up and application of new lashes (up to 30)
Infills are done every 2-3 weeks to replace lashes that have naturally fallen out.
Appointments after 3 weeks will be charged as for a full set.

Corner flicks:  £65
Allow 45 mins-1hr
Lovely curly lashes mainly on the outer corner of the eyes,  
blended with your natural lashes to create a “cat-eye" effect. 


 Coloured Eyelashes £55+
Allow 45mins-1hr
Add a splash of colour to the corners or throughout upper lashes: 
BluePurpleBurgundyRed, Green, OrangeYellow and Brown 

 Lash Removal £30.00
Allow 30-45 minutes


 Mobile treatments outside the East London postal code will incur an additional £10.00 charge



Lash coating sealant  £20.00
Seals the lash/glue bond, prolongs duration of extensions
and enhances lash shine. Apply every 1-2 days
Mascara (water-based)  £15.00
Use on lash tips only for best effect
and remove with oil-free make-up remover only
Temporary"Express" Lash Extensions:
£30.00 (Lash removal=£20.00)

Applied in less than 30 minutes
Last for approximately 7-10 days

 Party tonight?  Special occasion today?
If you want thicker, longer, glamorous lashes in a hurry
& don't have time for application of a full semi-permanent set, express lashes are the perfect choice. 

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