Before your treatment please note:
The best results are achieved when lashes are clean and free from dust so please cleanse your face, especially the eye area, thoroughly to remove all traces of oil and make-up before your treatment.
Do not use artificial curlers (heated or otherwise) before and after treatment as this weakens your natural lashes and reduces the length of time that extensions will last. 

If you have naturally light-coloured lashes you may wish to tint your lashes at least 24hrs before treatment. It is essential to do a patch test at least 24 hours before tinting to ensure you have no allergic reaction/sensitivity to the tint I use. If you plan on having eyelash extensions you will need to allow the eyelashes to settle for a further 24 hours after tinting - I appreciate that this is time consuming but safety and health of your eye lashes is important. 
Any allergic reaction to the glue and/or tint patch tests will indicate that you are unsuitable for this treatment.  
DO NOT wear contact lenses - please remove them before all eye treatments. 

Please ensure that there is enough space for a massage couch and good lighting. If space is limited a sofa/bed or couch may be used, if you are comfortable to do so. 

Please ensure any pets are kept away from treatment area.
Lash extensions may be unsuitable and cause irritation if you have an existing eye concern.Please inform me of any eye condition or mobility/ physical problem prior to your appointment.
I will explain and provide you with aftercare instructions to follow after your treatment to ensure your lash life is extended and that they remain healthy and beautiful. 

So....Are you ready for a dazzling new look?